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I would love a place where am free to do what I want.

Many of us are not free.  We struggle through life.  Same daily routine, boring  jobs, unhappy family life, unfulfilled wishes, forgotten ambitions,   etc.  Some don’t even realize it and regret when they are too old. Some determined souls try to live the life they want, but very few succeed.  Another uneventful death follows an unfulfilled life.

We must live the life we want.  We should be able to do what we want, as long as we don’t harm others and the society – learn music, start a business, write a book, or just be lazy without doing anything.  Now thats appealing.  But how?

Before answering ‘how’, we must think about what is stopping us from being free?

Man is not free until his basic needs – food, shelter, clothing, education – are taken care of.  When man is free, he can think about how to live his life.  There is no man without any interest – art, music, science, journalism, business etc.  Nobody can be lazy and useless for ever. Some realize their interest early in life, others late.  The world has many examples of  businessmen, artists, writers, scientists, journalists, politicians etc. who have blossomed in their 40s, 60s and beyond.

How can we be free?  By changing the way we govern ourselves.

I read about Denmark’s welfare state.  Free education & healthcare.  Citizens ranked the happiest people in the world.  Highly innovative and competitive economy. Egalitarian society.

We need to go further.  The State has to provide all basic needs.  Nobody should be compelled to work for a salary and a living.  Of course, necessary but unpopular, labor intensive, and low-paying jobs have to be made attractive.  And the State should constantly think of ways to nudge, not force,  people into activities which are useful to mankind.

How does the State fund such welfare?  Through higher personal & corporate taxes.

When man’s basic needs are met, he engages in personally gratifying activities. Contented men & women achieve great things in life.  Society becomes rich in all spheres.  Every man leads a fulfilled life.   This snowballs over generations.

We become a free society.