The Copenhagen summit failed as widely expected.  Besides a few dumb announcements and pretentious intentions, nothing much was achieved.

The instinct for self-protection was so high that few parties were willing to give way.  Multi-party negotiations don’t achieve much.

As with most aspects of life, the right incentives are missing.  Almost all countries believe development cannot happen if they battle climate change.

Enlightened countries & leaders can do something different.  Instead of struggling with what others can do, they can cleanup their own backyard, and this may not be difficult.

Competitive markets can achieve much, when they have the right incentives.  We can do more towards taxing carbon emissions & other kinds of pollution, and provide incentives for clean energy.  Incentives should support both innovation & usage of clean energy.

Currently, this is being done in small ways, in a begrudging way, as an afterthought, or as a PR campaign to shore-up the country’s or company’s planet-friendly image.  It doesn’t seem to be a priority.

It needs strong momentum for visible change.  When Quality became the No.1 priority in the last few decades, miracles happened.  Services, products, companies & people transformed.

Competitive markets can do the same for improving climate & our lives.