Losing my smartphone made me realise how entwined our lives are with modern gadgets & tech.

While they have certainly enriched our lives in many ways, tech needs to be used judiciously.  They can make or break lives.

Many of us rue our habits of checking email so often through workdays, late evenings, weekends & holidays, being addicted to music on the go, getting mired in gadgets for day-to-day activites from sports to entertainment to education. Increasing tech adoption is changing habits, for good & bad.

Intensive gaming is said to make people less social. Compulsive browsing & ready access to online knowledge reduces time, incentive, need & inclination for constructive & active thought. Many of us are alarmed at the way social networking is invading privacy and re-defining how we connect with people, but are compelled to go along as we fear being left behind.

We don’t think twice about interrupting an interesting conversation with a good friend, to pickup a call from an unknown caller, sending out a few SMSes, checking email a few times. Perhaps the friend is doing these as well.  Less effective meetings with people busy with their laptops & phones are common.  Modern homes have a profusion of gadgets that have taken over family time. Family members are deeply engaged with their own phones, gaming consoles, home theatres, tablets & computers. Typical family time is reshaping as being togather but engaged separately.

Such addiction is pushing us into the shallows. Our thoughts, relationships, skills, & lifestyle are being besieged.

Gadgets are tools, just like the stone-axe, steam engine & aeroplane.  They need to be used with caution.