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Capitalism is fueled by unbridled consumerism & materialism.  And this is impacting the way we live, our happiness and contentment.

We have embraced capitalism as the way of life.  We are told to study well and get good jobs, all towards the ultimate objective of making money, which supposedly will make us happy & content.

But many of us know this is not true. Money is not the ultimate goal. Neither does it lead to the promised bliss.  Unfortunately, many of us realize this mid-life, or post-retirement, or worse, on the deathbed.

Consumerism & materialism ensure we will never be content, how much ever money we make. Capitalism enslaves us.  Like zombies, we just go about making money for us and others, without realizing where we are headed.

Of course, we do have our moments of excitement, happiness & satisfaction, during our education & career. But are these lasting?

What’s missing in capitalism is the freedom of choice – the freedom to choose our lifestyle, career, & life goals.

An aspiring painter or violinist may just end up, well, aspiring & struggling. Capitalism ensures such folks cannot lead a decent life, even with a modicum of comfort. Government, public bodies & charities can only do so much to support such folks, because they themselves are enslaved by capitalism which funds them.

We should have the freedom to choose our vocation without the fear of potentially impoverished lives.  Such a freedom and a lifetime of chosen vocation lead to lasting happiness & satisfaction.

So, if not capitalism, what then?