We are brought up to believe some deeds are good, while others are not. Interestingly, we seem to believe good deeds offset bad deeds.

Even though we may be dishonest at times, fudge that expense claim, secretly admire the neighbour’s wife, pocket that fancy looking item at the mall when nobody is looking, pirate online, and so on, we tend to innately desire our good deeds to makeup for our lapses.

As we age and stumble more, we tend to be more charitable, more honest, less spiteful, and so on.

Do these good deeds really offset bad deeds committed in some other time & place? Are we driven to good deeds in the hope of salvation? Or do we just drift towards our basic equilibrium state of just being good?

Lets not delude ourselves on balancing bad and good deeds. Lets accept we are both good & bad by nature, though the proportion varies.