…is from other people’s mistakes. Its faster, easier and ensures fewer stumbles.

However, many of us prefer to rediscover life for ourselves, by repeating mistakes, big & small. Perhaps,  its a subconscious routine in our brain, or we distrust others, or we just like the thrill of discovery.

Most of life’s difficult situations we face today at home and outside have happened before. Perhaps in a slightly different form & shape. And our ancestors have stumbled, learned, failed & succeeded. There is so much to learn from them.

The questions of poverty, inequality, corruption, war, pollution, happiness & peace, success & failure, business & politics, family & relationships, are not new. And many of these questions have been answered before, maybe not in a convincing finale, but a study of these can be immensely productive & fruitful in our own journey.

Some of us do this, like Scientists, who learn from and build on past learnings.

But, our general tendency, especially in our personal lives, is to re-discover, stumble & learn the hard way.

A simple way is to study biographies of not just winners, but the losers & villains of history. Its more useful to know what not to do.