Many of us are wage slaves – some of us realize it, others sadly don’t.

We slog to earn a living. We work because we have to, not because we want to. The act of work becomes so ingrained that we forget to question why we are doing it. When the question does come up, at rare times in a fleeting way, we tend to dismiss it quickly by convincing ourselves that we need the money, recognition, perks. Perhaps we need the social companionship or just succumb to peer pressure. Or we just have to do something anyway…we can’t be idle.

The morning trains & buses, bursting to the seams with such clueless workers, being plied to and from the place of work, reminds me of domesticated cattle being herded to graze or labour.

Capitalism at work here. It has taken choice & fun out of our lives.

Many of us grow up without much choice in schooling, what we study, where & what work we do, how we earn, & how we spend our time.

The capitalist system forces us to study and work in certain ways, to sustain itself. Once we grab the tiger by the tail, its difficult to let go. We follow the system, or it devours us.

It provides us money to feed & indulge ourselves. It tempts us with a continuous stream of goods & services of desire, to attain which we work harder to earn more. The more we consume, the stronger the capitalist system grows.

And, in the process, it destroys peace. We are at peace, and enjoy our lives best, when we do what we like to do. Unfortunately, capitalism destroys this choice. Many of us don’t even realize we have that choice, but its been kidnapped away. We are so deeply engaged in our capitalist lives that we seldom deeply question why we doing what we are doing. Or we dismiss such questions, if they come up at all, with simple superficial excuses.

Worse, we are so trapped in the capitalist system that no viable alternative seems feasible.

And, as wage slaves, we plod on.