An intriguing trio with fascinating and similar ideas on how to lead a better life.

Each of them come from different times, cultures, & compulsions, and yet many common themes.

Low expectations are key for a happy & peaceful life. Recognize what you can control and ignore those parts of life which you cannot control. Control emotions of fear, anger…by knowing you have the choice how to react to situations and others around you…discipline the mind. Only you, nobody else, have control over your thoughts & actions.

Do your duty, contribute. Engage the society, no point being the ascetic. Be happy with what you have.  Avoid envy.  Pursue high morals. Think, contemplate, most problems can be solved. Learn continuously, especially from history and other’s mistakes. Wealth, recognition and the materialistic world don’t matter.

Recognize the impermanence of everything, don’t despair, live a fulfilling life around principles you value.

Perfect for daily contemplation.