Scientists were baffled.

Singularity happened long time back. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ sounded so archaic now. Humanoids were common. Very few humans chose to remain 100% biological. Most humans had specialized implants to boost their intelligence & capabilities – social, mental, emotional, physical….

After machines started reproducing – making better replicas of themselves & exceeding human capabilities in some realms – the lines between them & humans blurred. The initial fear that machines may lord over humans proved misplaced. Humans & machines needed each other. They learnt to co-operate & collaborate. Standards of living & happiness indices vastly improved. Some secret communities were supposedly experimenting with cross-mating machines & humans.

The single most important technological pursuit of all intelligent beings on earth remained unchanged over the millennia – build the perfect being – which could be a machine or a human or anything in between or beyond. A perfect being of immense intelligence & capability, with no flaws.

The first machine to jump over singularity was celebrated as the perfect or near perfect being, the most intelligent and capable on earth. However, over the millennia, many humans, machines & humanoids surpassed that first machine in myriad ways. But all such improvements were never perfect. Flaws persisted. If a being was celebrated for mental intelligence, its physical capabilities were dismal. If the bar on emotional intelligence was raised, it came at the cost of social & psychological capabilities. Achieving the delicate balance across various types of capabilities & intelligence seemed utopian.

Humans, humanoids, robots & other evolved intelligence started doubting if achieving perfection was possible.

It was during such frustrating times the ancient scroll was discovered. It was carbon dated to be a few millenia BC.

The scientists were baffled by what it said.

The scroll, many pages long, written in an ancient language which was decoded, just repeated one sentence throughout.

“Man is the Perfect Being”