What if the rapid growth we have witnessed in the 20th century was just an aberration?

What if our expectations of rapid wealth accumulation are unrealistic?

What if our desires of insatiable consumption – owning multiple homes & cars, frequent foreign travel, hoarding goods, etc. – are based on unsustainable foundations?

What if the frequent economic & financial crises in the past few decades, clueless governments, and widespread discontentment indicate we were wrong about the way we have pursued growth & development so far?

What if we choose to be frugal, develop slowly by surely, not leave masses of people behind in poverty & disillusionment as we progress, and keep mother nature pristine to sustain all life now & in the future?

What if a dose of difficult, inconvenient, & unpopular, but necessary, steps are required to get the world back on a slow, steady & sustainable progress?