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Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati was a very lucid commentator on the Vedas.

He says the ultimate goal for each of us should be to become one with Brahman, the One reality.  The universe & our individual selves are illusions. The Vedas provide ideas & methods to help us realize this goal. The benefit of becoming one with Brahman is a state of eternal tranquility. That is our natural state we should strive for, with faith, devotion & discipline. We are going through a cycle of rebirths because of our past sins. Following the vedas can help us break out of this cycle and become one with Brahman.

Assuming the above is true, the big question, which is not answered very convincingly, is why did Brahman (or God) create such an elaborate illusory world at all, with struggling humans?


This Brahman is intriguing. It’s no doubt a superior mind. A mind which cannot indulge in petty games. It must have created this illusory world for specific reasons. What can be these reasons?

  1. The first possibility is that we simply cannot understand this superior Mind & reasons. It has created us with our limited minds and we cannot fathom our creator. We possibly can understand the superior Mind and its reasons only when we achieve oneness with Brahman.
  2. All other reasons we can think of can only be speculations, but let’s do it.
    • The Brahman (or God) created this illusory world for our own benefit. The travails of life are an education. We will understand the purpose of this education only when we become one with Brahman. This reason is not convincing. Why would a superior Mind create an imperfect world with struggling creatures like us and then make us go through a difficult path to attain enlightenment?
    • The Brahman (or God) created this illusory world for its (his) own benefit. It (or He or She) wanted some entertainment or education or both or something else beyond our understanding, and so created this universe. This reason smacks of selfishness, an attribute which is difficult to associate with a superior mind.
    • The Brahman (or God) created this illusory world to study or prove something. While this sounds intellectual and possible, its difficult to see why a Superior mind has to study or prove anything at all. The Brahman is all-knowing. What is the need for the Brahman to prove anything to anybody?
    • The Brahman (or God) created this illusory world to fight something. To fight evils & demons and protect us. This reason reeks of self-indulgence. A superior Mind would not create an imperfect world with evils & demons, and then step in to fight its own creations. It is also difficult to believe an evil force exists outside this illusory world and this force has a strong influence on us. The Brahman (or God) is the One reality and all good & evil should be within the confines of this superior Mind.

We can speculate further. Will it be useful or futile?

Perhaps the Brahman (or God or the Superior Mind) & its reasons cannot be understood easily.

The Vedas provide enough material and multiple vantage points, to stand on the shoulders of giants, to study the superior Mind & its reasons. The study may lead us nowhere, or somewhere. But, it’s certainly fascinating.

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