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That was a comment made by a Judge of the Indian Supreme Court in a recent hearing, to support a previous judgement banning Jallikattu (bull fight).

Do we really have Free Will?

That has remained an unresolved question for centuries. We like to believe we are different from other animals & plants, the important difference being we are conscious beings with the ability to think & act independently. We think we have the ability to choose between different courses of action or thought or, in other words, we have free will.

A little introspection tells us we have no clear idea how we get the thoughts we get, or why we do what we do. We may say we chose to think about this or that, and chose to do this or that, that we have freedom of choice. But how did those different choices come about? Did the choices appear due to random luck or were caused by something we or somebody else thought or did before? If it was random luck, then we have no free will. If the choices were the result of something we did or thought before, then we are back to square one – why did we do or think that before? If the choices were caused by somebody else’s thoughts or acts, that again implies we have no free will.

Free will seems to be an illusion.


If free will is an illusion, then who or what drives our thoughts & actions? Are we mindless robots controlled by a superior being?

Most of what we do & think are slowly being taken over by modern machines, AI, & robots. As these machines gain more intelligence over the next few centuries, will they also start questioning their own free will, as we are doing now?

Are we living in an illusory world with illusory free will?

If we, our world, free will & reality as we know it are just controlled simulations in somebody else’s mind or machine, should we really worry about what we do or think?

Is somebody is playing a game with us? Are we unwitting actors in somebody’s reality show?

Should we stop to think about this? Does it help?

Can we understand it at all?

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