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The father dies. The family mourns. Memories flood back. Friends gather. Tears are shed. His character, qualities, actions & times are remembered. His frailties are glossed over. He’s given a fond farewell. Mourning continues for a while. He slowly fades away. He becomes an occasional thought. He’s forgotten.

The leader dies. The town mourns. Eulogies pour in. Fans, followers, admirers & friends gather. Opponents & critics are generous in their praise. Her life & times are recounted. Emotions run high. Public grief overflows. She is given a fond farewell. Mourning continues for a while. She slowly fades away. She becomes an occasional thought. She’s forgotten.


Everybody dies. Accept it.

Contemplate death before it happens.

Contemplate your own death.

Every death is a lesson on how to live well.

The eminent and not-so eminent dead are good teachers.

Avoid their mistakes. Adopt their strengths.

Respect the dead. But remember they don’t run or ruin lives.

Praise the living. They will soon die.

The dead instruct. They have faced all situations.

Nothing is new. History repeats. Life repeats.

Learners do well, for themselves, and for others.

Death improves life.

Celebrate life. Live well. Die well.