Me : Good to have you back

Brahman : You had something in mind?

M : Yea. You do get right down to business, don’t you?

B : We kind of know each other….we had a chat before.

M : Not really. You may know me well. But you are still a mystery to me.

B : Is it?

M : Yea, I have been thinking about you & our last chat. I am reading up a few Masters, as you suggested last time.

B : That’s a good start.

M : That doesn’t sound very encouraging. You seem to imply I have a long journey ahead of me.

B : It depends on you.

M : I know, I know. You said it last time.

B : …

M : Ok, lets plunge in right away.

B : Go ahead.

M : I have been reading and thinking about the illusions of maya, irresistible pull of desires, machinations of the ego, how to live without attachments, how to just do my duties and live without expectations …and so on..

B : Sounds good

M : It all sounds very complex

B : Really?

M : Why is it not simpler to understand and pursue?  Why make it complex?

B : It is simple.

M : But it’s not. Believe me, I am trying hard.

B : Work on it some more.

M : Thats my point exactly. Why should it be hard? Why can’t you make it simple so all of us understand it easily and fast?

B : It is simple

M : Is it?

B : Yes

M : Well, if its simple, we should have more enlightened souls on earth.

B : Whats bothering you?

M : Why create all this complexity? Why have all these desires, suffering, attachments, maya, and so on? Why can’t we have a simpler, easier and tranquil life?

B : You can have it, if you want to.

M : Are you pulling my leg? Look at the world around me. Is it simple & easy?

B : Yes

M : Aren’t you contradicting yourself? You seem to agree its a complex world and life, but you say I can make it simple?

B : Yes, its your choice.

M : I thought you will say that. It’s always my choice, right?

B : Yes

M : I can choose to make my life simple or complex?

B : Yes

M : But why did you create this complex world? Why all the elaborate maya, attachments, desires etc. Are you playing a game?

B : No

M : Maybe your creation just ran out of control?

B : No

M : Or perhaps, you want to teach us some kind of a lesson?

B : No

M : Come on, your monosyllables are not helpful. Why did you create all this complexity

B : I didn’t create that

M : What? You must be joking. Who else could have done it?

B : You

M : Me?

B : Yes

M : Surely, you are joking.

B : No

M : How could I create all this stuff? I understand I am part of you and you are part of me…we are both one and the same, and all that stuff we spoke about last time. But why should I make my own life more difficult and complex?

B : Its your choice.

M : Hmm, you are back to your favorite reply. Are you saying I made a choice to make my life complex….that is, humans over time have made their lives more complex and are now struggling in the complexity they have created?

B : Yes

M : But why can’t you help us out of it?

B : You can help yourself, as much as I can help you.

M : Are you saying you cannot help me?

B : You can help yourself and that’s easier.

M : You can’t wave the magic wand and make my life easier, simpler and tranquil?

B : No. You got the magic wand

M : I have it?  Come on, you are kidding me.

B : No, recollect what I told you last time?

M : Study the masters and their ideas?

B : Yes

M : But what’s the purpose of this whole exercise? Why am I here, creating all this complexity and making my life difficult for myself?

B : That’s not the idea

M : You mean the original idea was different?

B : Yes

M : It was not to make life complex and difficult?

B : Yes

M : Then what went wrong?

B : It was your choice.

M : There you go again.  My choice?

B : Yes

M : I am part of you, eternal & all-knowing. How can I make a bad choice?

B : You are discovering yourself

M : But why go through this elaborate complexity?

B : You don’t like it?

M : Not really. I do like some aspects of this worldly life.

B : Focus on that

M : You mean I just ignore whats not good or complex.

B : You can do that.

M : You don’t answer directly, do you?

B : …

M : I…I mean humans…created all this complexity, desires, attachment, ego and so on, over time. But I still can choose to focus to spend my time and energy on whats good for me? Avoid complexity, pain, suffering, illusions and those things which doesn’t make sense?

B : Yes

M : You do make me say a lot of stuff. And, continuing the flow of my thoughts, I can focus on the good, happier, simpler stuff?  Enjoy the worldly life and also discover my true self in the process?

B : Yes

M : But that’s easier said than done. The obstacles are many. The complexity is mind-boggling. Desires, ego, & attachments don’t make my life easy.

B : Study the masters

M : You said it before

B : Yes

M : But, going back to my original question, why create all this illusory complex stuff at all in the first place. Why can’t we, you & I, just stay put? In our original state, whatever it is or was.

B : That was a choice

M : My choice, or yours, or both?

B : Guess you can say both

M : Thats not comforting…the idea we created something so monstrous, deceiving and illusory.

B : You said you like some aspects of this worldly life.

M : Yea, I do. But that’s a small part & transient. The larger complex, illusory, less understood, and frustrating part of this worldly life is overwhelming, threatening, disappointing, depressing….

B : It doesn’t have to be that way

M : I know what you are trying say. I can choose to focus on the easier and simpler things that matter, right?

B : Yes

M : But, at the risk of being repetitive, why create the bad complex stuff which is not required?

B : Ignorance

M : You mean I, we…humans over time…created this monstrous complexity because of our ignorance?

B : Yes

M : But am I not all-powerful and all-knowing?  I am part of you, right?

B : Yes.

M : Then why embark on this complex project of creation and go through the upheavals of a worldly life?

B : That was a choice

M : But why?

B : You have to discover it yourself.

M : Can’t you explain it now?

B : I can and will, at the right time.

M : Now is not the right time?

B : You are not ready

M : I can study the Master, follow their ideas…and the know the truth ultimately?

B : Yes

M : And, while I do that, I can also have fun?

B : Yes

M : The Masters, their work, ideas & life sound serious & dry. Did they have fun?

B : Yes

M : I guess you mean responsible and detached joy, not the kind of worldly fun the material world knows. Though am not completely sure what it means…

B : …

M : You…I…having made the choice of creating this complex illusion, why not have fun exploring it? I can study and learn from the Masters. I can discover my true self and also enjoy the process. What do you say?

B : Yes

M : Yea, guess that’s a better choice, rather than being discouraged, depressed, confused or bewildered.

B : ….

M : If Buddha or Sankara can do it, guess so can I

B : Yes

M : Thats reassuring.

B : ….

M : But, you know, I still am not convinced on the need for all this complexity. It looks like the whole nature of this complex creation has become more bewildering over time. Are we making life more & more difficult for ourselves, as time goes by?

B : You could say that

M : But I can unravel it, right? All this stuff I see and experience have some good reason to exist and I should be able to find it.

B : Yes

M : And therein lies the fun & joy?  Of exploration, excitement, discovery?

B : Yes

M : But what happens if I get distracted, or get beaten even after trying very hard? Most folks seem to have gone down this path and failed, over the ages.  Very few Masters seem to have discovered the truth.

B : Try, keep trying.

M : And don’t get discouraged or distracted?

B : Yes

M : Till the very end?

B : There is no end

M : Really?

B : Yes

M : Ok, guess I will take your word for it now.  The idea of time and death opens up another huge complex subject which we will deal with another time.

B : As you wish

M : Ok. I feel kind of cheered up. I see possibilities. I see a path which ought to be explored. A path fraught with distractions and challenges, but still holding up the promise of fun and excitement. And you say the journey itself will be rewarding….I don’t have to worry about the destination now.

B : Thats one way of saying it.

M : You are a perfect sounding board.

B : ….

M : I am going to dive in with fresh enthusiasm and curiosity. Life looks good.

B : It is

M : Good to hear it from you.

B : …

M : That’s a good positive note with which we could wind up our chat for now. I will need to consult you later as I make my journey.

B : I am here always

M : Great. Thanks for dropping by.

B : Welcome