Eternal question. Eat to live. or Live to eat?

We master it. Or it masters us

So little the body needs. Why eat more?

The senses take over. The body is beaten.

So much available. So many starve.

So much feted. So much wasted.

So much variety. So much creativity.

Food is much more? An art?

Hunger or senses? What is right?

The body is a vehicle. Food is a fuel.

Right food at the right time. Works like magic.

Medicine or fuel? Aren’t both the same?

Eat well. Live well. Age well.


Good food. Healthy body. Alert mind.

Simple or fanciful. Does it matter?

Many are enslaved. For life.

Senses & desire. Chain the young & the old alike.

Many indulge. A life long habit

Few control. Many can’t.

Death & disease. Seldom teach lessons.

Even the aged are smitten. Unable to give up.

Keep it at bay. Sooner the better

Less or more. Fat or thin. No one perfect way.

The body knows whats right. And how much is right.

The body signals. We know it.

We take the hint. Or we don’t.

Many have fallen. They teach us best.

Food is life. Food is not life.

Eat well. Live well. Eat right. Live more.