Man-made wonder. Gone awry.

Self-replicating meme. Gone wild.

Medium of exchange. Gone viral.

A wonderful idea. Gone beyond its brief.

A thoughtful convenience. Another language.

We created it. It conquered us.

Many want more. Few have enough.

Most work for it. Modern slaves.

Toiling day & night. Seldom pausing to think.

Few say enough. And call it a day.

Relentless pursuit. Almost till death.

How much is enough? When to stop?

Is piling it up the goal? That’s a pity.

Life is much more. Given up so easily.

money illusion

A tool has taken over. How did we allow it?

A trick? Delusion? Mirage? Nightmare?

It helped trade. It created things anew.

Then it created more of itself. It now runs the world.

There is no stopping it. It’s a snowball.

Its rolls on…& on. Amassing speed and size.

Delighting many. Crushing many.

Slaves abound. One generation after another.

Ready to serve it. Grow it.

It looks immortal. Defeating its creator.

Kings & men. Few are left untouched.

Few stand up to it. Enlightened souls.

What more can it do? Create or destroy?

More evil than good? Who is to ponder?

Our destiny in its hands? Or its destiny in our hands?

It governs the world. It decides. Behind the scenes.

Who eats? Who wins? Who does what? Who goes where?

Who survives? Who lives it up? Who dies? Who rules?

It greases the wheels. The world goes around.

Bigger than its creator. Runaway renegade.

Pause & think. It’s an illusion.

Come out of it.