We are alarmed, ashamed & frustrated by some of our desires, behavior, actions and thoughts, despite our best efforts to control them.

We often succumb to the temptations of junk food, only to regret and reavow to healthy ways soon after. We are secretly ashamed of being addicted to pornography. We are alarmed by our lustful thoughts, despite all vain attempts to keep them at bay. We regret our irrational decisions to buy expensive cars and gifts. We feel disgusted by our tendencies to over-consume when we realize how they are harming the environment.

Are we alone?  Or is everybody like this?

Evolutionary psychology says its only human to want more sex and binge on junk food.  That’s the way we have evolved.

We may try to curtail or control some impulses, for various reasons. We may succeed or fail. But, there is nothing to be alarmed or ashamed about some of our desires, behaviors, actions or thoughts.

In his engaging & reassuring book ‘The Consuming Instinct’, Gad Saad presents a wide assortment of human consumption patterns – of products, services, ideas, experiences, etc. – and maps them to one of four evolutionary pursuits – survival, reproduction, kin selection & reciprocity.

There is a possible evolutionary reason for all that we think and do.

But, that’s no excuse.

The urge to have more sex and junk food is perhaps natural, but it can be disastrous without self-imposed limits.

Lets be alert, not ashamed or alarmed.