Often we ignore who we really are. When we get fleeting glimpses of our true selves, we struggle to accept them. We are shocked, dismayed, embarrassed, angered…

We lie. We are lazy. We are adulterous. We are treacherous. We don’t keep promises & commitments. Our true selves are littered with ills and evils. Filled with troublesome notions & ideas. We harbor dangerous ideas.

We find it convenient to sweep our true selves to the dark corners our minds and just let them lie there, not wanting to confront who we really are. We don’t want to admit. Even to ourselves. We don’t want to accept.

Suppressing our true selves does help us in some ways. We feel good, especially in front of others. We fall in line with accepted norms, customs & laws. We are not a pariah. We can even project a false self to gain more acceptance & respect from others.

But, our true selves keep popping up, now & then. Often, when we least expect it. It becomes a struggle to keep it tucked away, hidden in a corner. It’s quite irritating, frustrating….makes us restless. We wonder if we can really trust ourselves. Our emotions & thoughts seem to have a mind of their own. Self-discipline seems impossible. We often lose control of ourselves. Where are we headed? What’s happening to us? We are disturbed.

What if we consciously accept what we truly are?  What happens then?

Yes, I am a liar, philanderer, cheat, hypocrite…and all those dark murky things hidden away in the corner of my mind which nobody else knows.…yes, they are real & true. 

When we begin to acknowledge & accept who we really are, we sense relief. The more we get to know and accept ourselves as we really are, the wider the gates of relief open. Inner conflicts get cleared. There is less struggle. We are not so hard on ourselves. We are not surprised anymore. We know better how we may react in a given situation. We are less disturbed, shocked, dismayed, embarrassed, angered….

What next? 

Can one now go on a rampage killing people because that’s what one’s true self is? Should one confess to somebody? We have to decide for ourselves. Whats right & good for one may not be right & good for another. Some may accept and live with what they discover about themselves. Others may choose to change. The effort may or may not be successful.

Accepting our true selves is not easy. The required introspection may be tedious & frustrating. We may fail. 

But, the journey is satisfying & instructive.